19 Nov 2012

Mag # 144 - Walking Man

Andrew Wyeth - 'Squall'  1986

Walking Man is a local character. He goes past every day, sometimes several times a day, and he walks everywhere. He is a tall, spare man in his seventies - possibly eighties. He's been walking past my house now for many years, getting a little slower as he gets older................. but then don't we all?

I think he has arthritis as his knees are swollen and one doesn't straighten properly when he walks. He travels miles. In summer he wears short shorts, a singlet and thongs and goes down early in the morning to the beach for a swim - I know this because he has a towel around his neck. Later in the day he will be passing with his shopping bag - empty in one direction and full in the other.

In winter he wears a yellow slicker and sou'wester. He's usually still in his shorts and thongs, but last winter when it was quite cold he did wear trackies and trainers. I've only seen him dressed up once. I think he must have been to a wedding or a funeral. He had shiny shoes on that day.

Walking Man 'wombles'. I love to see what he collects. One day I was out in the front garden and heard a rumbling sound and wondered what it was. I didn't have long to wait to find out. It was Walking Man with one of those small luggage trolleys and a bath balanced on it. A full-sized bath! Another day he was trundling along with a larger trolley and a recliner chair balanced on it. I saw him on a bike once, too - just the once.

I don't know whether he sells stuff on, or he's got a backyard like a tip. He usually comes back with some interesting items when it's 'bulk rubbish' time and people have put stuff on the side of the road for the council to collect.

I like characters. They make life interesting.

This lovely painting prompt was supplied once again 
by Tess Kincaid of Magpie Tales.
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  1. Nicely done, and I agree with you about word verification.

  2. Characters have a dance and colors all their own. They, like 'Walking Man' add wonder and joyfulness to my days. Thank you for sharing this story, Sue. I have a wobble in my knee too.

  3. What an interesting sketch of him. You really brought the guy to life, and I enjoyed it!


  4. Maybe after all these years of seeing him and knowing he isn't a mad ax murderer you could say hello. lol
    He sounds like a really interesting man. Poor soul. I expect he does have arthritis or some such. Loved this read Sue, thank you.

  5. Your prose ... is very interesting!!!

  6. a quirky character sketch! Very nice.

  7. I do speak to him when I'm outside but I usually see him through the window :)

  8. Great description. Sounds like an awesome guy.

  9. That's a unique take on this prompt...:)

  10. I love characters too, people watching, wondering about their lives and what they do. They do make life interesting.

    Anna :o]

  11. Interesting character. There's one like that on my road, too, but he's much younger. One wonders, 'why?'

  12. I have to agree with Margaret: quirky, but there's more to it than that. Very enjoyable.

  13. Thank you all very much for your visit and for the kind remarks. I've enjoyed all the pieces I've read this week, too.


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