5 Nov 2012

Mag #142 - A Weekend at the Lake

Charis, Lake Ediza, California
1937 by Edward Weston
This was not exactly what I had in mind when Edgar invited me to Lake Ediza. I had visions of a cottage by the lake and relaxing with a book, or perhaps messing about in a boat and a little swimming. It was not until I had accepted the invitation that the details were disclosed. Hiking and
climbing and .......... roughing it!!  Seriously? I had no idea what 'roughing it' meant. The cottage would have been my idea of roughing it. But no, sleeping under canvas and exerting oneself is Edgar's idea of an exciting weekend.

I had only met Edgar two weeks prior. He was introduced to me at the Country Club by Edward (who took this photograph). I wrongly assumed that he was the type to enjoy dining and dancing, as Edward does, which is why I accepted the invitation to a weekend at the lake, knowing that Edward was one of the party, too.

After all was explained to me, it was suggested that I kit myself out with some appropriate attire and the other woman in our adventure group - Mary Turlington-Fitzgerald - helped with the selection. Apparently, this is her idea of an exciting weekend, too. She's one of those 'tweedy' women, and she smokes a pipe. I have a feeling she is not fond of men. Enough said.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I ended up with this glamorous outfit. The boots alone took ten minutes each to put on. All that lacing! The photo is of me sitting-it-out by the lake. The others had all gone in for a swim, but I was so bone-weary after the day's slog that I didn't have the energy or the will to cope with the boots. They had all stripped naked and gone in, but I could tell from the amount of shrinkage that the water was very cold, so I was glad I hadn't bothered.

Tents were erected after the swim. The ground was rock-hard, and I didn't get much sleep that night either. We had to relieve ourselves behind rocks, and hope that nothing bit us while we were about it! That was a first for me!

It was certainly an experience. One that I will, hopefully, never have to repeat. I shall be sure next time I'm invited anywhere to get more information before committing myself.

Roughing-it indeed!


The visual prompt kindly supplied by Tess Kincaid of Magpie Tales
where you will find more, interesting takes on this image.


  1. Oh this is great! you caught her attitude exactly! thanks-

  2. This reads like a glamour rendition of the American TV show 'Survivor' .. now this would make for a really great show! Beautifully composed, Sue!

  3. There is such a fun voice to this piece. Nicely done. :)


  4. Haha! She's my kind of girl. I'd just leave those boots on for the trip. Although you wouldn't catch me out in the wild anyway.

  5. LOL I like a feisty woman.
    You tell a good tale :)

  6. Hahaha - I love the 'tweedy women' descriptor. I'm with you on the idea of roughing it! Although, Tess makes it sound intriguing! Great voice for your character, and sense of time/place/class.

  7. You mean there's no room service?

  8. Love the way you tell a story Sue!

  9. I'm with you - not my idea of fun, at all. I laughed at 'the amount of shrinkage' - very subtle;-)

  10. very funny! I could understand skipping the swim if it meant having to undo those boots!

  11. Thank you all for visiting and leaving your lovely comments :)

  12. Late though I am I really enjoyed this. Such a great write. I can identify - am not a 'rough it' person any more. In fact, I don't think I ever was! Spent a week in my ex in laws camper one summer and hated every minute of it!

  13. Thanks everyone. My 'roughing it' days are well and truly over too. I like my own bed and a hot shower!

  14. Those boots do look a bit overwhelming. Give me velcro any day!
    Fun story.


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